You want Coaching clients.
your lead magnets aren't working.

You wish that someone would just hand you the perfect freebie that magnetically draws in high-quality *paying* clients, like yesterday. 

Welcome. You've reached lead magnet heaven.
Your wish has just come true.






You deserve better.

Say it with me:


You have your coaching certification and you are ready to rock.
The problem is, you don't have an email list full of eager fans ready to work with you. (Yet!)
You hear over and over and over again that 'the money is in the list,' which is great and all but what if you aren't sure what to give away as a "freebie" or "lead magnet" – as they say in the online marketing world – and worse, you feel stuck because you can't figure all this tech stuff out.

You started working on your lead magnet but gave up because you were overwhelmed and it was too complicated and also because... that's not why you became a coach.
The designing, editing, Photoshop, recording, email auto-responders, figuring out what apps connect to what and how are you even supposed to learn this entire new thing when you have clients and a business to run and, well life? You have a sneaking suspicion that your time is better spent elsewhere (you're right about that!), so you keep putting it off, until someone says, "do you have an opt-in yet?" ...and you say, "No... not yet. I'm working on it." ...and swear for the 27th time you’re going to get it done this week.

The people who signed up for your freebie aren't converting into clients. You email them with your latest offers and promotions but it seems like they aren't ready to work with you yet, or maybe... you hate to admit this, but just maybe, they aren't the right people. (You wonder how you got caught up in gathering the wrong people this whole time.) 

you've got Lead magnets all wrong.
And It's Not Your Fault.

Do any of these sound like you?

It's time to put an end to all this misery
 right now.

High-Quality Coaches
Need to provide
High-Quality Products.
(Even if it's a freebie!)

— Kelly D.

"If you’re feeling lost, or unsure of what to do next, Melissa’s your girl. She’ll give you the support you need to share your gifts with the world."

— Anna F.

"Melissa's ability to hear you and hone in on what’s really important is remarkable.
I left with clarity, certainty, and confidence in my new plan for my life goal!"

— Agnes K.

"My vibration has gone through the roof and I honestly feel like I went through a kind of re-birth where I left behind a lot of my victimhood and stepped into an abundant reality."

— Angela R.

"I have literally found my voice and have broken that fear of stepping up and speaking out.
It is amazing.”

— Melanie D.

 "I'm working out regularly, super happy in my relationship, confident in myself, and the money is flowing!"

This is for you if...

You have better things to do (like actually coaching or spending time with your loved ones!) than trying to figure out what freebie to create.

You don't want to waste time with trial-and-error and DIYing something that doesn't actually look good.

You know how valuable finding the right client can be but you don't know how to start finding and attracting them.

You are a new coach looking to build your email list.

You find design software to be overwhelming and don't want to touch it.

You are looking for a Done-For-You solution to attract high-quality leads into your coaching business.

I help amazing coaches make money by providing beautiful tools that attracts their dream clients.

The Freebie Fix

Walk away with the exact thing you need for your dream clients to subscribe to your email list minutes from now!

Beautiful *done-for-you* suite of freebies designed specifically for coaches
who are ready to grow their email lists (and their businesses) RIGHT. FREAKING. NOW. 


Stop wasting time trying to decide what to offer as a lead magnet

Stop spending hours trying to teach yourself Photoshop

Stop creating something from scratch that you keep resisting




What's included ?

The Freebie Fix Contains Done-For-You Lead Magnets
in these coaching categories:

Front Cover 1
Front Cover 2
Front Cover 3
Meal Planner
Shopping List
Food & Mood Tracker
Daily Reflection
Mindful Eating Affirmation
Motivational Poster
Monthly Goal Tracker
Hunger Scale
Intuitive Eating 101

Front Cover 1
Front Cover 2
Front Cover 3
Daily Affirmations
Self-Care Worksheet
Daily Life Journal
Vision Board Worksheet
My Not-To-Do List
Motivational Poster
Anxiety Vs. Truth
Self-Esteem Journal
Weekly Reflection

Front Cover 1
Front Cover 2
Front Cover 3
Money Mindset Affirmations
Manifestation Journal
Soulmate Manifestation Prompts
How To Manifest Your Dream Life
Money Mantra Poster
List Of Attractions Worksheet
Mood Tracker
My Best Self Worksheet
Raise Your Vibration Checklist

Life Coach

Manifestation Coach

Health Coach

Ready to start building your list of dream clients right away?

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How It Works

Finish the checkout process for The Freebie Fix.

Look through all the done-for-you freebie options and choose the one(s) best suited for your ideal audience.

Let the world know that you have something beautiful to share and watch how easy is it to grow your audience.

Nurture your subscribers and keep them up to date on when you have coaching spots open or have a new program to offer!

Upload the freebie(s) into your preferred email delivery system so that when someone signs up to get the freebie, they are added to your list.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

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Irresistible Bonuses

TO make Lead Generation even easier (and more fun!)


You get feedback on your freebies and marketing strategies, a safe place to ask questions about growing your coaching business (things they don't tell you in your coaching certification schools!).

Value: $297

While you can definitely use these done-for-you freebies as they are, let's say you want to add your business information on them without it getting complicated. I've designed each freebie to allow for you to easily add a logo or website – and I've included a tutorial so you can see just how easy it is!

Value: $149

Bonus #3
"HOw To Add My Own Logo and Branding to my freebies"

Bonus #2
"HOw to choose The BEST Freebie For my business"

With basically unlimited choices when it comes to choosing a freebie to use to attract your audience, it can be hard to know which one to go with! In this masterclass, I'll break this all down in an easy-to-understand format so you know exactly what to use.

Value: $197



Ready to start building your list of dream clients right away?

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Melissa Opie is a Life and Business Coach who specializes in helping amazing women (who don't know that they are amazing yet) do amazing things.
Through her signature programs, Habits To Happiness and Coaching Apprenticeship, as well as her private coaching practice, Melissa has worked with clients all over the world to demystify what "happily ever after" means, and how they can live that dream life today, with the only required participant being themselves. 

Meet Melissa

Worthiness EXPERT, LIFE COACH, Podcast Host & mom.

Enneagram: Type 4

Sun Sign: Capricorn


A complete brand uplevel as you present your clients and audience with these professional and gorgeous PDFs (hello confidence!)

Crossing more things off your to-do list because you are no longer stuck doing the things that feel like roadblocks. 

Having the perfect audience waiting to hear from you when you have open spots for new coaching clients or when you want to unveil a brand new program.

After getting your Freebie Fix

be prepared for...

Excited to talk about your lead magnet.
For example, "Hey, I have this amazing list of money mindset affirmations and it's free!
Sign up to get it here.
And, voila! A new potential client on your email list!

you'll feel:

Welcome to CEO status

Your Price:


Look Inside:

PayPal Available

Life Coach Lead Magnets ($297)

Health Coach Lead Magnets ($297)

Manifestation Coach Lead Magnets ($297)

*BONUS* Access to a Paid Support Group  ($297)

*BONUS* Freebie 101 for Coaches Masterclass ($197)

*BONUS* Brand My Stuff Tutorial ($149)

Here's everything you get:

Total Package (including bonuses)

Questions & Answers

Once you purchase The Freebie Fix, you get instant access to the template links (AND a walk-through tutorial on how to edit it) all using a free platform called Canva! And yes, everything is customizable so you can make sure it is exactly what you want to give out to your future clients.

Yes! These pages are so beautiful and so useful, I think your clients would love to use them!
You have my permission to use these to support your coaching clients, because I know how weird it feels to use an ugly and generic handout that is so obviously not tailored to your coaching. Ew.
Your coaching business (and clients) deserve so much better!

Once you pay for The Freebie Fix, you can use them in your business to give away to your clients or potential clients, and you can add your own branding to it, without giving me credit.

The only thing you are not allowed to do is to sell or share the template links with a third party. (This should be obvious). If you have any questions about exactly what you can or can't do, reach out to me to clarify!

Yes, I do!
I will be sharing everything I know in the private community that you get access to for free as a bonus when you purchase The Freebie Fix. 

As many as you want!
The sky is the limit.

I have a 7 day refund policy, but I believe that you need to do the work, in order to assess whether or not the strategies and resources I share are beneficial to you. I will need concrete evidence of your action and will ask that you complete a brief survey in order to qualify for the refund.

Well, let's put it this way. Those courses are really good at filling up your time and not very good at getting you to take action and move forward. Which is awesome for those who want an excuse to procrastinate! But not so great for those who want to work smarter, not harder. 
Being the CEO of your coaching business means that you need to act like one. 
And the reality is, CEO's do not waste their precious time trying to learn and perfect every single part of their businesses. They do the work that they know they are the best at, and have the other experts do what they do best. 
Since you most likely aren't looking to hire out a team for your business right now, the second best thing to do is to stop wasting time on these courses and tasks that are taking you away from your actual coaching work –  and utilize the smart solutions like The Freebie Fix that cost a fraction of what those courses cost so that you can move on to more important work i.e. coaching and transforming lives (which is the work that will actually bring in the money to keep your business running!)

"How is The Freebie Fix different from the other $500 courses that teach you list-building?"

The only thing you need is a free Canva account (I show you step-by-step how to sign up and use Canva so you can get started right away, even if you're a total beginner!)

You can come back and change your lead magnet at any time, or even offer different lead magnet options on your website and social media!
You can always check the vault of designs to see what suits each of your paying clients the best on their coaching journey, and it will always look beautiful and branded. So easy!

"Do I need Photoshop to make branding changes to the templates?"

"What If I want to Customize or Change the Content?"

"Can I use these as handouts and worksheets for my paying clients?"

"Do I need to credit you for the templates?"

"How many lead magnets can I create?"

"Do you offer refunds?"

"Do you have any other tips for growing an email list?"

"How long do I have access to the downloads and templates?"

Ready to start building your list of dream clients right away?

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